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How To Choose Best Sump Pump


Choosing the best sump pump for your personal use; used to be a daunting task!

Not any longer.

Here are the best (highest selling and top rated) sump pumps that will surely serve your purpose.

Note About Price: $ = $70 – $120; $$ = $120 – $200; $$$ = $200 – $200 And $$$$ = $300 – $400

We are here to help you make the best choice on how to choose the best sump pump that will work for whatever it is your needs are.

Are you looking for best shallow well pump, sump pump float switch or you need enough information about how sump pump works; we have everything easily analysed for you!

Introduction To Different Types of Best Sump Pump

A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated around the house.

It will always come in handy to homeowners who have a basement.

These devices will prevent you from the damage which occurs after floods or heavy rains.

Currently, there are two major categories of sump pumps; pedestal pumps and submersible pumps.

In the pedestal pumps, the motor is mounted on the shaft and is outside the sump basin.

On the other hand, submersible pumps have their motors within the sump basin and is installed below the water level.

How to choose the best Submersible Sump Pump

Since the pump will be operating in moist or wet environments, always consider a housing which is corrosion resistant.

The best materials include stainless steel, epoxy-coated cast iron and bronze.

Know the head pressure or the maximum vertical height the water has to be lifted during removal.

Therefore, the submersible pump of your choice should have a head pressure rating enough to lift water from your basement.

Each pump has its own capacity.

In other words, consider the amount of gallons it can remove per minute.

The higher, the better.

Don’t forget to take a look at the switches.

Most pumps will come with either floats, mercury or diaphragm switches.


It really doesn’t matter the kind that you go with but automatic switches are the best.

If you go for the manual switches, there are slight chances that you might not be home to turn it on when your basement floods.

The strength of the pump should also be an important factor and it will dictate its price.

Just like other pumps, submersible sump pumps are measured by horsepower which may vary from 1/6 to 1/2 HP.

Lastly, always opt for pumps that are easy to install.


Submersible sump pumps are more efficient, easier to handle, quieter and longer lasting in comparison to pedestal types.

Always remember to read the manufacturer’s manual when installing the pump.

Water Powered Best Sump Pump, a Worthwhile Investment for Your Home



Water powered sump pump is very reliable whenever there is a power failure and there is no water pumped out of your sump.

If your main sump pump fails, this water powered pump takes over to pump water out of your sump.

You do not need a battery to operate this one and no charger to monitor.

This is automatic and is designed as an independent system from primary sump pump.

Water powered sump pump protects your basement from flooding.

This is how it works.

It rains and water begins filling your sump pit.

Possibly, your sump pump fails, or your power goes out shutting off your main sump pump or spoils the float switch as well.

If you have a water powered back up sump pump, as the water rises pass the main pump’s float, it will trigger the water powered pump’s float.

This causes a valve to open which sends water from your home’s incoming municipal water supply through the pump injector.

This water discharges safely outdoors.

But while it runs through the pump injector, it creates powerful suction due to the venturi principle, which sucks water out of your sump pit.

The water powered sump pump empties the sump pit and repeats the cycle whenever the water level rises above normal level again.

This powered sump pump is very convenient to be used in your homes.

The price is worth it and you do need to worry for the cost of a flooded basement.

It never needs a new battery so you do not need to worry on constantly replacing it.

You will definitely not regret buying this powered sump pump.

A lot of people has been a testimony on the advantages of this powered sump pump.

It also received good reviews from different people on the internet.

This is definitely worthwhile so never hesitate to purchase it.

Guide On Pedestal Sump Pump

A pedestal sump pump is an automatic working device operated by an alternating current power supply and helps to drain water that collects in the crawl space or basement by siphoning it through use of a pipe after an occurrence of flood.

The pump’s whole body stem is above the water surface when in use and therefore requires less space and doesn’t require greasing of the bearings on the motor, therefore it is economical.

It’s a devastating experience for home owners who have ever been affected by floods and were unable to handle the situation.

Different manufacturers will offer different makes and what is important is a guide on how to choose the best pedestal pump.

The pump is purposely for a narrow or shallow sump and therefore checking the data on the pump’s plate is very necessary as it gives information on the make and other specifications.

More so, consider comparing the horse power of the pump as different brands specifications of horse power vary.

A high horse power specification gives a high work output which means large amount of water can be pumped within a short time.

The pump should have adjustable frequency of rotation so as to allow a longer periodic time between the cycles.

It is also very important to consider the material that is used to make the housing of the pump.

The material should be durable and resist wear and tear as well as reaction with atmosphere.

Pedestal pumps are usually made of thermoplastic which is lighter and cheaper, or iron cast casing which is heavy and comparatively expensive.

The pump comes with power cord that should never be adjusted but should protected from high temperatures and contact with chemicals.

As the pump uses electric power, handling it with wet hands or standing on wet ground while in contact with it may trigger electric shock

How To Install Best Sump Pump

If you don’t have sump pumps, it means you are putting your home at risk of flooding.

Basically, they are convenient tools that can clean the home basements effectively.

Today, every homeowner, even those without basements, are taking the benefits of the best sump pump in keeping their houses safe from water damage.

They are employed for emergency water removal collected in your basement because of heavy rain and any other reason.

They are used for regular pumping of waste water from sewage system.

If you are facing the problem of basement leakage and want to install these pumps without paying much money, then you must read the below given information.

It will explain you all about how to install a sump pump in easy steps.

Furthermore, you must have all the following given things and tools that support you to do the installation task effortlessly:

  1. Complete tool kit
  2. Safety gears including gloves for draining the system easily
  3. Electric outlet
  4. Flashlight PVC piping
  5. Glue and tape

Residential Sump Pumps Installation in Easy Steps:

First and foremost thing that is important in the installation process is, the fixing of the pump.

Start installation work with the removal of old pump.

The sump pump model extracts the water from the floor.

For this purpose, it does not need a ditch.

Just locate the area where the water normally collected in the basement and install the pump at that particular location.

Make sure that the pump sits in the pit.

Test the pipes outside to verify where the water is routed.

Connect the waste water pipe to a connection draining to the yard.

You can reuse the old pipes for this task, if they are in good condition, or use the new one as per the requirement.

Also, integrate check valve to the discharge pipe, so that water flow can be controlled easily.

Connect the main discharge line to outlet pipe, either by tightening a union, or the hose clamps.

If the opening doesn’t have a pipe link, connect either 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ size PVC piping to the waste pipe opening and the other end of the sump pump.

The size of the waste pipe will decide the size PVC you’ll need. Do not make use of minor piping since it will not be able to hold great volumes of water.

If more than one pipe is wanted, glue and tape the joints, so it doesn’t crack during use.

Hook up it to the electricity and start the pump.

If electricity is not available, arrange for the backup sump pump.

Generally, sump pumps are a common fixture in many homes for basement clearing.

They are installed in every new constructed home.

They help you to keep the basement area clean and dry.

If any time they stop working for any reason, check immediately or change the pump, if needed.

Plumbing Guide: Best Sump Pump Maintenance

Home repairs cost homeowners a lot of money each year.

Mostly, this emanates from the lack of maintenance especially for home installations that are rarely used.

A sump pump may stay idle during the dry months and winter.

However, the situation changes when it rains.

This is the time the sump pump prevents an impending disaster by getting rid of excess rainwater or thawed snow.

When this equipment stops functioning properly, it causes great concern.

It helps to ensure that this machine is maintained or repaired regularly.

Here are a few simple tips for home repair and maintenance of a sump pump.

Regular Weekly Maintenance

  • Inspect and clean up the discharge pipe. Get rid of all the clogging by simply opening up the pump.
  • Examine the functioning of the switch. Check whether the switch is connected to power. Raise the water levels by pouring some water around the pump, and check if the switch turns on automatically.
  • Always ensure that the pump is standing upright in a place with minimal vibrations.
  • Clean out the vent hole and the grate. Simply pull out the grate from the ground and clean it out getting rid of any gravel and silt.

Annual Maintenance

  • Keep the faucets running by pouring some mineral oil down the floor drains. The fluid keeps away methane from the sewer seeping through and blocking the pipes.
  • Inspect the sump pump. Uncover the sump pit, remove the pump, inspect it and clean it. The manual proves immensely helpful in this case.
  • Grease up the bearings and joints if the manual says so.
  • With the pit uncovered, check the connection of the drain pipe.
  • Check for any freezing in the outside taps.

In case there is any, call a professional to replace them with an antifreeze tap.

It is not difficult to put into practice the above simple tips for home repair.

However, there are also other practices that help to maintain a sump pump but are not necessarily related to it.

i. Get rid of any large trees near the home foundation as they are likely to destroy the pump pipes.

ii. Always repair any draining in the roof.

iii. Have roof gutters that direct water away from the foundation of the house

With these tips, thousands of dollars are saved every year.

In conclusion, we recommend you check the review table above to choose the best sump pump for your personal use and if you have any question, do not hesitate to ask below!